Camp Berg en Dal

Berg en Dal, meaning ‘mountain and dale’, is aptly named for its superb location on the bank of the Matjulu spruit in the far south of the Kruger National Park.
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The scenery in the area is characterised by beautiful rocky outcrops and small hills, so it’s a hotspot for Leopard! It also makes for some fantastic photographic opportunities.
It is one of the new generation of camps and was opened in 1984. Great care has been taken to preserve the natural vegetation in the camp area, which comprises Malelane mountain bushveld (woodland), attracting a variety of grazers.

The area hosts high numbers of White Rhinoceros, Greater Kudu, Impala, Giraffe, some African Elephant, Southern Reedbuck, Klipspringer, Grey Rhebok and Common Warthog. Large packs of African Wild Dog are also regularly seen in the region.

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Berg en Dal camp itself is especially suited to extra exploration. There is a very popular Rhino Perimeter Trail walk that skirts the camp fence all the way around. Not only is it a beautiful, relaxing and informative exercise, but you might also get to see something interesting! Recently on this walk there have been sightings of the rare White-backed Night Heron, the ferocious Honey Badger and the sought-after Thick-billed Cuckoo, to name just a few.

The camp has a beautiful swimming pool to cool off in, as well as good restaurant facilities and a nightly video show with some interesting local nature programmes. The main restaurant area overlooks a beautiful water feature that is the perfect setting for just sitting down and relaxing with an ice cream and a pair of binoculars. Berg en Dal is a great spot if you own a caravan or prefer to camp, and has all the usual facilities. It has two guesthouses, a selection of bungalows and a number of six-bed family cottages.

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