Satara Rest Camp

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Satara rest camp in central Kruger is rightly known as “cat camp”. No fewer than 50 Lion prides occupy home ranges in this area, with an average pride size of 12 Lions. Lions are inevitably followed by scavengers, and this area also contains large numbers of Spotted Hyaena, Black-backed Jackal and vultures. It is also one of the best areas in the entire Kruger to see Cheetah.

Satara, although fairly large, has a rustic charm, with the bulk of the accommodation set out in a series of circles. The nightly barbeque fires burning in front of the bungalows are a special sight. The ambience of the camp, Kruger’s third-biggest, recalls the mood of colonial Africa with red-roofed public buildings, thatched chalets and neatly raked paths.

One of the most famous roads in the entire park, the S100, runs east-west from Satara towards the Lebombo mountains and Mozambique. Many long-time visitors to Kruger swear by this road for spectacular sightings of the Big Five, many species of raptors and other rare creatures. The nearby Nsemani and Sweni dams are also always worth a “stop-and-scan”, and there are three bird hides in the vicinity too.

The sweet grasses that grow on the fertile soils formed on shale and volcanic basalt, and an abundance of excellent browsing trees, sustain the largest Impala, African Buffalo, Giraffe, Greater Kudu, Common Wildebeest, Plains Zebra, Waterbuck and Sable Antelope populations in the Park. This area of Kruger is one of the flattest, and this leads to some spectacular sunset photo opportunities.

Satara, like most of Kruger’s camps, has been artificially well wooded, and it is always worth exploring on foot. A walk inside the fence perimeter might produce Honey Badger, African Scops Owl and Red-billed Buffalo Weaver. An optional night drive from Satara might yield Cape Porcupine, Leopard and even the elusive Aardvark. And don’t forget to scan the trees in front of the main building for the resident African Scops Owl!

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The camp has a beautiful reception, shop and restaurant area, as well as a large swimming pool and a petrol station. Accommodation at Satara caters to a variety of guest requirements. Choose anything from luxury (10 guest cottages and 3 guest houses), self-catering (150 chalets/bungalows), and caravanning or camping (100 camp sites) accommodation for your stay in the wilderness. Satara is also the only main camp in Kruger with a live, 24 hour webcam at the watering trough just outside the camp fence.

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