Central Kruger Safari

The Kruger National Park covers a vast area of 19485 square kilometres (7523 sq miles) and extends 360 kilometres (220 mi) from north to south and 65 kilometres (40 mi) from east to west. It is the tenth largest game reserve on earth, and undoubtedly one of the best.All of Africa’s famous Big Five game animals (Buffalo, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Lion and Leopard) are found in “Kruger”, as the park is affectionately known, along with more species of large mammals than any other African game reserve (at almost 150 species). Over 520 species of birds have also been seen in the park, along with vast numbers of reptiles, insects and other fauna and flora.

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This safari will cover the vast and mostly flat central section of Kruger. This region spans nearly 30% of the reserve’s territory and supports a huge amount of game. It is made up of mostly grassy plains, filled with animals like Plains Zebra, Common Wildebeest and many species of antelope, which attract an array of predators.

The open savannah habitat also makes for great photographic opportunities, and the region is especially famous for photos of classic African sunsets.

Central Kruger sunsets (3).JPG

Five seasonal rivers meander across the central region and, as wildlife is abundant, during intense dry cycles water supplies are often depleted. As a result many man-made dams and water holes were established in the central region. Many of the water holes and dams have become popular tourist attractions as they act as a gathering point for animals. The concentration of predators, especially Lions, in the Central Region ensures that it remains a popular tourist destination.

On this 6-night safari, we will spend two nights each in Satara Camp (with its famous circles of bungalows), Olifants Camp (with stunning views of the plains below) and Letaba Camp (built right on the Letaba river). Each camp has been carefully chosen to provide you with the best chance of seeing all that Kruger has to offer, both in terms of fantastic animal sightings and beautiful classic African landscapes

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