Look for the Big 6 Birds when you’re in the Kruger

The Kruger National Park in South Africa is famous for many things, including both the “Big 5” game mammals of Africa as well as its “Big 6” birds. The Big 5 represents the five mammal species that were most desired as hunter’s trophies in times gone past. They now represent the 5 species of animals that visitors to Kruger National Park (or other African wildlife reserves) most want to see. The Big 6 Birds represent the 6 most desired birds that visitors to Kruger National Park want to see.

Birding in the Kruger Park
The large Kori Bustard is Africa’s heaviest flying bird and can weigh up to 20kg (45 pounds)! They are cryptically coloured and eat almost anything.

Birding in the Kruger
The mean-looking Martial Eagle is the largest African eagle and is very powerful; a true top predator. It has a unique hunting method, stooping from a height and slamming its talons into its prey at high speed.

Birding in the Kruger
It is estimated that there are only between 25 and 30 breeding pairs of the strikingly beautiful Saddle-billed Stork in the Kruger Park, plus a handful of non-breeding individuals.

Birding int he Kruger Park
The Lappet-faced Vulture is Africa’s largest vulture. This endangered bird species is a scavenger, which means it feeds mainly on carcasses it finds lying in the open.

Birding in the Kruger
The Southern Ground Hornbill is one of the most easily identifiable and most cherished bird species in the whole of Kruger. They are birds of great superstition in African culture and their booming calls are often mistaken for roaring lions!

Birding in the Kruger
The big-eyed orange-brown Pel’s Fishing Owl is the rarest of the big 6 birds and is seldom seen, mainly because of its nocturnal habits and restriction to large watercourses.

These big 6 birds should be relatively easy for visitors to find in the Kruger with the exception of the Pel’s Fishing Owl, but you never know… Browse to Nature Travel Kruger for info on all our tours and safaris in this world-famous park.

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