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“Seeing the Kruger Park”
David A. Glenn – Pittsburg, Kansas, USA
I am a retired teacher from the Midwest in the US and had never ventured outside the borders of the US before in my life. My wife decided, for her 60th birthday, to go to Africa, and more specifically, South Africa. Luckily she asked me to go with her!

Our research involved a lot of Googling and sending emails to various companies, and we decided to go with a company that does trips all over the world, but also specializes in Southern African safaris. It was clear from our research that most people, when they go to South Africa, end up in Cape Town and the Kruger National Park. We aren’t really city folk, so decided to focus our time and budget entirely on the Kruger Park. The company that we chose for our trip was Nature Travel Kruger.

From the first initial contact they were excellent, answering our e-mails with speed and efficiency. We had a lot of questions and the team at Nature Travel Kruger answered all of them professionally, giving us all the info we needed and customizing our trip to fit in with our timeframe and budget. We had a little less than 2 weeks for our entire trip, and we thought this wasn’t long enough, but the company made it work perfectly!

We took the option of visiting the southern part of the Kruger National Park for 6 nights, and spent 2 nights each in three different camps, maximising our chances of seeing different animals and areas. We then added a short extension for 2 nights in a private game reserve next to the Park (to see how the other half lives!). We spent the trip in the company of the Nature Travel guide who lives close to the Park, and his knowledge was just astounding – he knew everything about every little thing! Plants, animals, birds, insects, weather, history, culture… everything! He was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. He claims that all the Nature Travel guides are as good as he is!

Other highlights are just too many to mention, but I’ll try. We saw the Big 5 and got pictures, we saw wild dogs and got pictures, we saw cheetahs and got pictures, we saw eagles, storks, vultures, so many other birds, a python(!), butterflies, and of course beautiful beautiful African landscapes like you see in the movies. We enjoyed great food, excellent typical African accommodations in thatched chalets, we had a real South African barbeque a few times, and the people were friendly and helpful wherever we went. We were amazed and so impressed by the Kruger Park.

From start to finish we were treated like royalty by Nature Travel Kruger. Every little detail of the trip was handled expertly by them, from the pickup at the local airport, to our strange dietary requirements, to me taking so long to take photos of all the animals! I can highly recommend their services when going to the Kruger National Park. During the trip we also discovered that they do wildlife and birdwatching trips all over the world, so I suspect they will see us in the near future for another trip!


“Brilliant weekend in the Kruger”
George Hayes – Peterborough, England

I was on business in South Africa recently and had a weekend off at the end of my trip, before I was due to fly back to the UK.
I am a nature lover and have been to many wildlife parks all over Africa and some in South America, but I’d never gone on safari in South Africa. I have always wanted to visit the famous Kruger National Park, but when I started contacting safari travel companies on a Friday afternoon I didn’t have much hope of any of them responding to me.

I was wrong. One of the first companies I found was called Nature Travel Kruger. I explained my strange situation and request to them – I had only two nights to fit a spectacular South African safari, I was stuck in Johannesburg 5 hours away from the Kruger Park, etc. They were more than happy to oblige!

They organised a place on a late flight from Johannesburg to the airport close to the Kruger Park and a late entry permit into the Park itself. I would meet the local Nature Travel Kruger guide at the airport and he would join me for a two night trip in the park.

They took care of ALL the arrangements, from my flights, airport transfers, booking accommodation on my behalf for the two nights and even allowing me to borrow an extra pair of binoculars for the safari into the Kruger Park! Their guide even arrived with fresh food, including meat, packed in an ice box on his vehicle!

The two days in Kruger were brilliant, with sightings of all of the “Big 5” as well as some fantastic other fauna and flora. It is clear why some people say it is the best game reserve on earth. The Nature Travel guide was excellent, with fantastic knowledge of the bush and a nice guy to boot! We sat around the fire on Saturday night sharing stories of our safari exploits from the past.
I once again thank Nature Travel Kruger for their fast, friendly and expert help and can highly recommend them to all you nature lovers out there. Even at crazy short notice!